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About Mead Sarrett

Mead Sarrett is a Senior Business of Law Consultant with Wilson Allen. In this role Mead focuses on helping firm improve their data consumption practices to maximize profitability and operational efficiency. He specializes in profitability, matter pricing and planning, partner compensation, analytics software development, and data governance. Mead has 6 years of experience and has become a trusted advisor by bringing innovative ideas to law, accounting, and economic consulting firms across the globe.

New BI Software? How to Overcome Obstacles and Improve Outcomes

Many law firms are taking a hard look at the software they’re using to surface information that supports strategic decisions. To improve a business intelligence (BI) software roll out, we suggest concentrating on these four key areas of focus.

Data Conversion: 4 Tips for Improving Validation

Data validation is an important part of the data conversion process when transitioning to new financial management software. To streamline this effort, validation should be a multi-step process.

Feeling Comfortable in the Cloud: Maximizing the Security of Digital Assets

More and more law firms are looking to the cloud to meet their computing needs. But many are hesitant to make the leap into the cloud. Why? Security concerns.

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