Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo (Mintz) is a well-established, 550-strong attorney law firm with seven offices in the United States and one in London. The firm had been running its business operations using the same law firm management solution since 1993. However, after learning of the planned sunsetting of its Enterprise software, it decided to implement 3E, a modern replacement system. To help it manage the complex migration to the new platform, it sought out the legal technology expertise of Wilson Allen.

Brian Mantarian, Chief Financial Officer, Mintz, says the firm wanted the right service provider to provide preparatory support to the project team and to help complete the project as seamlessly as possible.

“We wanted to engage a service provider with application subject-matter expertise and experience with data validation, custom report development, and Intapp data integration services.”

Mintz has a long association with Wilson Allen, partnering with the company on a number of significant technology projects.  “Wilson Allen has the right people with the right skills. They know legal software, how our firm operates, and what needs to be done to solve a problem,” Mantarian adds.

Doing the migration groundwork

To help the firm prepare for the migration to the new financial management platform, Mintz engaged Wilson Allen to conduct a key planning workshop. “Our directors who specialize in migrations and new implementations led this workshop,” says Rob Beisswenger, Senior Director of Professional Services, Wilson Allen. “Going through this process enabled Mintz to articulate the project scope and objectives fully before embarking on the project.”

Mintz determined a potential budget, identified the team structure, prepared risk mitigation strategies, and established a change management plan.

Wilson Allen developed a data integration strategy to prepare the firm’s data for migration. Its team of data speialists assessed the data quality, cleaned up the source data, and prepared the data for conversion, migration, validation, and balancing. This complete suite of data services helped to ensure a clean and complete data conversion from Enterprise to 3E.

Deploying a solid data strategy

Wilson Allen reviewed the firm’s overall data integration requirements and helped design and build a master data repository system in readiness to move to the new financial management system.

“We validated the various systems tied to Mintz’s legacy system, such as its new business intake system, disbursement systems, and other third-party applications from this master data source,” explains Shishir Shetty, COO, Wilson Allen. “When the firm switched to the new platform, the source to the master data was changed without much impact on downstream systems.”

The conversion of data from the old to the new system and the quality of the migrated data was a key area of focus.

Mantarian says Wilson Allen helped simplify the data conversion process. “They have done numerous conversions and were able to run a script to identify potential issues quickly. It’s pretty amazing what they were able to do.”

Mintz took advantage of a full complement of Wilson Allen services to support its implementation. These services included project management, data management, data integration, and the customization of templates and reports.

The secret to a smooth transition

Rather than rushing through the project scope, Mintz approached the implementation in a deliberate manner. It also adhered to a policy of implementing standard functionality as much as possible. This discipline helped simplify the project and streamline the effort.

Beisswenger believes one of the most critical factors for a successful implementation is to do your homework upfront. He suggests listing your objectives to make sure they fit your budget and timeline. “Make sure your scope is sound, that you’re replacing all the software you need to replace, and have a solid platform moving forward.”

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