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Access, analyze, and share the data that drives smarter decisions.

Transform raw data into insightful KPIs

In today’s increasingly competitive market, firms must be able to nimbly consume data across a broad array of applications. Decision makers need timely access to key data to query and analyze its content. Access should be wherever you are – on the road, at a client site, anywhere. Data from practice management systems is no longer sufficient; management requires the insight available from key firm data wherever it resides.

That’s where Wilson Ideate software can help

Wilson Ideate software gives decision makers the information they need when they need it to improve firm performance. It enables dashboard-based visualization of operating metrics and ad hoc reporting and analysis at all levels within the firm. The power of this software enables your firm to:

  • Realize the full potential of business intelligence

  • Monitor key performance indicators on an as-needed basis

  • Generate more meaningful reports and analytics

  • See graphical data representations

  • Make information actionable through links to related workflows

  • Mine key data to improve profitability

  • Gain valuable insights into financial and managerial data

  • Access on-demand slicing and drill down to transactional data

Gain 360° view of your firm with configurable custom dashboards.

Transform raw data into insightful key performance indicators.

Through more meaningful reports and analytics, gain better insight into firm operations.

Gain valuable insights into financial and managerial data.

Ideate for Analysts

Manage operations, profitability, people, and business development with self-service BI tools.

With cubed-powered Ideate Analytics, you can access key metrics and performance drivers in the industry’s leading analytic framework, built from raw data using standard Microsoft products such as Excel, Power Pivot, Power View, and Power BI. Query and analyze professional service-specific metrics to get valuable insight to support strategic decisions. Review both leading and lagging indicators of performance from multiple lenses such as billings and collections, profitability, productivity, and more. The software runs on an in-memory database and features built-in KPIs.

Ideate Analytics features include:

  • Data warehousing, reports, and analysis

  • State-of-the-art query and build times

  • Multiple data sources supported

  • Pre-aggregated metrics and dimensions

  • Configurable security model

  • Multi-currency support

  • Full range of analytic content

  • Time and billing

  • Profitability

  • Inventory

  • Client segmentation

  • Productivity

  • G/L

  • Point-in-time reporting

Ideate for Professionals

Gain daily insight into operational, transactional, and managerial metrics.

Access dashboard-based visualizations of KPIs with Ideate Performance Framework. Use data surfaced through Wilson Ideate software to track performance and support strategic and operational initiatives. Then deliver this information directly to partners and other key decision makers within the firm in an actionable form with or without live application links. You can also print and export to Excel.

Features include:

  • Dashboard-based visualizations

  • Configurable KPIs

  • Integration with analytic and reporting tools

  • Role-based security

  • Responsive design

  • Support for multiple data sources

Content Framework

Measure performance throughout the full engagement lifecycle

With the advancement of software capabilities, the true value of BI – the content – is often overlooked. The professional services industry is in major transition and the traditional approach to performance management – focusing on utilization, realization, and even margin or contribution – is not enough. Firms need to pay attention to the full engagement lifecycle including business development, acceptance, delivery, and debriefing.

Today’s business leaders need BI taxonomies that measure performance throughout the entire lifecycle and feed it back in an effective loop that enables action. It is just as important, if not more so, that firms gain a thorough understanding of what your billable professionals are doing and how they are working. This insight is critical for firms seeking to improve processes and client success, ensure proper human capital development, and determine succession plans.

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See how Wilson Allen software can help your firm run at peak efficiency, productivity, and profitability.


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See how Wilson Allen software can help your firm run at peak efficiency, productivity, and profitability.


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