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Improve business processes and performance

Your business needs are evolving, and so is the technology that supports those needs. With Wilson Allen, you can navigate this changing landscape with greater peace of mind. From project management, implementations, upgrades, and testing to reporting, customization, and training – our consulting services are here to help.

Get the greatest return on investment from your software

Integrate your software with other applications

Identify KPIs and measure performance

Mine your data to improve profitability

Leverage custom reports, interfaces, and templates

Migrate and implement custom reports, templates, and metrics

Get the greatest return on investment from your software

Integrate your software with other applications

Identify KPIs and measure performance

Mine your data to improve profitability

Leverage custom reports, interfaces, and templates

Migrate and implement custom reports, templates, and metrics

Professional Services

Whether you’re adapting to change or focusing on day-to-day activities, we have a deep bench of qualified experts ready to deploy on your behalf. From project managers, trainers, and developers to application specialists and advisors, we’re able to respond quickly to any software-related needs. We leverage our collective expertise to act as our clients’ technology advocate. You can count on our team to support you throughout the life cycle of your software.

Wilson Allen’s professional services deliver unprecedented value across your organization and support critical back-office functions such as:

  • Software implementations, migrations, and upgrades
  • Global data privacy compliance

  • Marketing automation

  • Mergers
  • Business intelligence strategy and implementation
  • Remote/on-site support
  • Documentation

  • Master data management

  • Segmentation strategies

  • Project management
  • Coordination of project resources

  • Engagement advisory
  • Function and feature review and deployment
  • User acceptance testing
  • User engagement and change management

Technology Services

Achieving a heightened level of performance typically involves some technical configuration and customization. That’s where Wilson Allen can help. We’ll help you make the best use of your software by adapting it to your firm’s requirements. We draw on deep technical expertise, hands-on software experience, and best-practice insight to help you run as efficiently and profitably as possible through your software.

Wilson Allen’s technical services are ideal for IT and development teams that support back- and front-office technology solutions:

  • Business intelligence and analytics development
  • Custom maintenance and support agreements
  • Infrastructure design, business continuity, and disaster recovery
  • Remote/on-site support
  • Technology planning and system selection
  • Template and report development
  • Data conversions including planning, extraction, migration, cleansing, and validation

  • Business process and rules implementations
  • System upgrades, setup, and troubleshooting
  • Systems and information security
  • Temporary staffing
  • UX and business application Design And Development

Specialized Consulting Services

Master Data Management

Define goals and create an implementation plan for firm-wide information strategies.

There are both revenue and profitability enhancement opportunities attributable to master data initiatives. One of the obvious benefits is the reduction in system inefficiency requiring redundant effort and follow on clean up. Resources are freed to pursue higher-value activities, such client solution development, marketing campaign design and execution, and pitch development. Resources can be shifted from data quality maintenance activities to client development. The efficacy of marketing activities can be more easily and quickly measured. With greater connectivity to firm performance measurement, business development’s contribution becomes more measurable. Cross-selling should be more effective as buyer patterns are more easily understood and developed.

Wilson Allen's team has developed an approach to working with firms to define the goals and to create an implementation plan for firm-wide information strategies. Our implementation team can assist with everything from the acquisition of systems to manage data flows and data dictionary. We also work with firms to build integrations and provide data quality services to ensure that the resulting system is populated with good data not just a centralized repository for all the bad data that might exist in the firm. Services include:

  • Advisory on master data management strategy and the creation of a data dictionary and business process mapping
  • Review of available technology to manage the process
  • Implementation of technology and the development of additional complementary services and solutions (e.g. BI)
  • Data quality management

Global Data Privacy Compliance

Comply with legislative obligations while making effective use of business development technology.

Increasingly firms are having to raise the bar in how they protect the interests, rights, and their clients’ data security. While many might see the strengthening of data protection legislation around the world (CASL in Canada, GDPR in the EU, California's 2019 data privacy act) as a negative thing that merely creates more work, it has been the case that the implementation of previous data protection laws has actually driven firms to make more use of CRM technology as the only reliable way to ensure compliance.

It is essential that firms have a clear roadmap for how they’re going to ensure that they comply and a significant element of that is being able to audit your current data and report on progress as you implement your firm’s policies. Wilson Allen is able to offer practical experience and advice of how to ensure that the firm complies with its legislative obligations while being able to continue to make effective use of its business development technology. Services include:

  • Consultancy on the current state
  • Recommendations on data retention policies and changes to existing processes
  • Data audit and analysis
  • Archiving and data management processes

Systems and Infrastructure Services

Work with proven experts to help set up, manage, and run all aspects of your IT infrastructure and solution landscape.

There is an increasing need among law firms for business systems that run efficiently and securely. Wilson Allen’s systems and infrastructure services team helps meet this need through the delivery of services related to the following:

System Services


  • ELITE 3E and Enterprise
  • Intapp, Aderant, and more


  • Microsoft SQL Server


  • Cloud and Hybrid Computing
  • Security and Mobility
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Data Migration

Information Security

  • Comprehensive Review and Remediation
  • Best Practices and Process Improvement

Key Differentiators

  • Deep technical expertise with system and enterprise solution design, and database design and administration
  • Experienced advisor around business continuity and disaster recovery development, training, and support
  • Cross-industry perspective in the legal, finance, and high-tech industries that bridges infrastructure, development, and user experience
  • Trusted services partner that meets the needs of law firms worldwide
  • Proven ability to architect robust enterprise solutions based on business needs, with exceptional attention to detail
  • Certified services partner with Thomson Reuters Elite and Intapp to enable best-practice insight
Download the Systems and Infrastructure Services information sheet

Phase Zero Planning for 3E

Streamline the transition to a new practice management system.

Making the transition to 3E from Elite Enterprise or any financial system? This workshop helps you prepare so you can streamline the process.

Tailored to your law firm’s project leadership team, this collaborative workshop is led by Wilson Allen’s directors who specialize in 3E implementations. The workshop includes insight information, identifying project scope and potential budget, implementation planning, service implementation hours fit for purpose, team structure, and project risk mitigation strategies.

Detailed information presented and discussed in the 3E Phase Zero Planning Workshop includes:

  • Software adoption status of peer firm to review successes, issues, risk areas, and lessons learned
  • Recent product enhancements and achievements
  • Replacement project scope highlighting systems to replace, critical success factors, timing, and budget
  • 3E implementation project planning
  • Critical successfactors
  • Current system datapreparation
  • Implementation phases and example timelines
  • Cost metrics (hardware, software, people, phases, etc.)
  • Project ownership, team composition, and people time allocation by phase
  • Software development customization options
  • Data integration strategy
  • Management information reporting, dashboards, report distribution
  • Technical strategies such as APIs and services, mobile applications, time entry, and data analysis
  • Change management plan
  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies

At the conclusion of the workshop Wilson Allen will deliver a detailed report with recommendations to the firm on all topics covered

3E Templates Professional Services

Generate fast, readable, and professional-looking documents with 3E Templates and Wilson Allen.

Law firm administrators face never-ending demands for information based on data stored in the firms' practice management system and disparate software solutions. Pulling this information together, formatting it, and sharing the information is often time-consuming and laborious when done manually. Thomson Reuters Elite streamlines this effort with its 3E Templates solution. 3E Templates takes data from your Elite 3E or Enterprise system, transforms it into a variety of formats, and enables quick and efficient distribution.

Wilson Allen can help reduce your time to value when adopting 3E Templates. Our team of professional and technical consultants shortens the implementation time line by applying our certified expertise and time-proven and firm-tested methodology.

Key Differentiators

  • Certified as a services partner with Thomson Reuters Elite
  • 70+ 3E Templates clients
  • 25+ full 3E Templates implementations
  • Six FTE employees in North America and one in the UK
  • 10,000+ total 3E Templates hours
  • 25+ total years’ experience with 3E Templates
  • 85+ total years’ experience with Elite software
Download the 3E Templates Service information sheet

Business Process Improvement Service

Bridge the gap between your existing business processes and current needs to achieve your firm’s strategic goals.

If your firm implemented its financial system several years ago, chances are good that your technology needs have changed since then. Perhaps you have experienced significant growth or acquired new practice groups. Or maybe you are struggling to comply with increasingly demanding clients. As your firm has grown or changed, have your business processes kept up with the changes?

Wilson Allen has a team of consultants who are experts in the business of law. With many years of experience helping law firms improve their operational efficiency, we can analyze your current business processes. Based on our findings, we can then design and recommend specific process changes that directly support your firm’s strategic goals and evoke best practices that are currently supported in the legal community.

Through our proven methodology, we will work with your firm to identify specific needs and areas for improvement, both process-based and functionality-based. We not only focus on the people who directly interact with the financial system, but we also meet with lawyers, secretaries, and other key staff members who are indirectly involved with the system or its information.

Key Differentiators

  • Better recognition and understanding of current process inefficiencies, redundant tasks, and manual processes
  • More opportunities for increased operational efficiency through process changes that support your firm’s business goals
  • Increased awareness of unused functionality in your financial system – either in your installed release or in the latest release if you were to upgrade
  • Clearer identification of manual tasks that could be automated
  • Improved delivery of the right information at the right time to your lawyers
  • Enhanced ability to service clients and meet client demands
  • Faster production of bills, processing of cash receipts, and collection of receivables
  • More efficient month-end closing and balancing process
Download the Business Process Improvement information sheet

User Engagement and Change Management

Engage users, define a clear set of measurable objectives, and map out a plan to achieve them.

Many firms have seen business development, marketing, and CRM technology as precisely that – the acquisition of technology. However, unlike many other types of systems there is often no compulsion to use or consequences for not using these systems. Furthermore, users are often very different in the way that they interact with these systems and their expectations of how they can support them. Our team is able to help firms map out a plan to re-engage their users through a proven methodology that includes defining a clear set of measurable objectives and detailed plans of how to achieve them.

Services include:

  • Consultancy on the current state
  • Interviews with stakeholders
  • Definition/ clarification of the firm's objectives
  • Detailed plans to deliver on the objectives

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