Advisory Services

Our business and technology experts enable smarter, data-driven decisions to help you manage your

firm for profitable growth.

Support your most strategic decisions

Technology holds the key to optimizing performance. Your ability to make data-driven decisions impacts how well your business performs. Wilson Allen’s business and technology experts leverage in-depth insight into analytics to help support your most strategic decisions. We don’t deal in theory. We take your data, make it meaningful, and offer solutions to common and complex business needs. Our services include:

Assessment of staff’s ability to prioritize work and work cost-effectively

Business process evaluation and design

Competitive intelligence and lateral analytics

Partner compensation modeling and support

M&A analytics

Practice group evaluation and analysis

Pricing and alternative fee arrangements

Profitability modeling and implementation

Project management know-how

Thought innovation with new metrics and analytics

Verification that decisions are strategic and tactical

Intake guidance and consulting

Advisory Services

Transition Services

Map out and execute a plan to use a system conversion as an opportunity toimprove.

The time has come for many professional services firms to decide which softwarewill serve their needs best in the future. But the decision to transition to a new software system is not a lightconsideration. System upgrades and conversions can be time-consuming and fraught with potential complications as well ascapital output. But there are ways to minimize the pain and maximize the rewards of a conversion.

Wilson Allen can help you navigate this process with our technology transitionadvisory services. Our team of business and technology consultants can help you evaluate the best software for your firm.We’ll help map out and execute a plan to use the conversion as an opportunity to improve your firm’s operations.

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Why Choose Wilson Allen?

When you choose Wilson Allen, you’re working with consultants whohelp the world’s largest law firms and professional services organizations maximize the return on their software investments.Many of our consultants have spent their careers helping firms reach new levels of operational efficiency and profitability.Our team has the experience and history to enable you to make the most of your software conversion by helping you to:

  • Identify pain points and opportunities
  • Develop your firm’s transition plan
  • Manage vendors by acting as an advocate for your firm’s needs
  • Prepare your data for quick migration
  • Execute your plan with excellent project management, implementation, and training services

Intake Guidance and Consulting

Optimize your firm’s intake process for powerful, firm-wide benefits.

The intake process is the single most critical driver of law firm success andcontinuity. How do you know if your intake process for clearing and onboarding new clients, new business, and new hires iseffective? Does it minimize risk to the firm and maximize realization and client relationship outcomes? Wilson Allen’s teamof business and technology experts can help you identify gaps and opportunities for optimizing your intake process.

An experienced legal industry consultant will work with you to identify yourneeds and conduct the process assessment. The areas of focus are risk management, compliance, decision-making,communications, data analytics, and your intake staffing model. We will provide detailed recommendations for processimprovements that are aligned with your firm’s unique culture, strategic vision, and short- and long-term objectives.

We deploy our team to help answer questions such as:
  • Do the protocols for vetting practice-area specific new clients and new business achieve firm-widestrategic goals?
  • How can coordination among groups responsible for conflicts clearance, client consents, and file transfersbe streamlined for better lateral attorney onboarding?
  • Is siloed data used for intake decision-making compromising risk management?
  • Are approaches to recruitment, onboarding, training, compensation, and career advancement supporting intake staffing andretention objectives?
  • Do intake staff perform the majority of the nonbillable conflicts identification and resolution activities?
  • How can conflicts clearance bottlenecks that delay new business intake be minimized?

Custom Advisory Services

Your professional services firm is unique. Our custom advisory services enableus to precisely align our experts to your strategic objectives.

Today more than ever, professional services firms must carefully controloperations. You need to continually identify ways to operate more profitably, yet the insight you need to make strategicdecisions is often hidden in your operational data. Our team of business and technology experts can help you make decisionsbased on your firm’s operational data.

Designed specifically to meet the unique needs of high-level decision-makers, ourstrategic services help you manage your business for profitable growth.

We deploy our team to help answer questions such as:
  • What analysis is performed on current client growth patterns?
  • Where are you seeing drops or gains in revenue? What about profitability?
  • What is the firm doing to address succession planning?
  • How is cross-selling encouraged throughout the firm?
  • Are partners versed in alternative fee arrangements? How does the firm address RFPs? Is trackingestablished and adhered to?
  • What would your clients say differentiates your firm?
  • How consistent are you in discussing client satisfaction with your firm?

Managed Consulting Program

Outsource analytic, reporting, and consultative needs on an as-needed basis.

The Managed Consulting Program allows firms to outsource analytic, reporting, andconsultative needs to Wilson Allen on an as-needed basis. An experienced consultant will work with you to learn about yourneeds, perform analyses and reporting, present findings to the firm, and make recommendations to management as requested.

Any business areas of focus such as profitability, compensation, and businessdevelopment for example, can be addressed using this service.

We help answer questions such as:
  • Is your firm’s finance or IT team at full capacity?
  • Do you need resourceskillsets for analysis and reporting not easily found at the firm?
  • Would your firm benefit from an outsideexperienced point of view?
  • Is there a long list of tasks that you just can’t seem to get to?

Compensation Modeling and Balanced Scorecard

Identify gaps and opportunities in your compensation model to drive firmprofitability.

Professional services firms need to provide value to clients by deliveringsatisfactory services at a price point and quality level that yields acceptable returns to the firm. Partner compensationmodels factor into how much profit these services yield. The Compensation Modeling and Balanced Scorecard service can helpyou identify gaps and opportunities in your compensation model to drive firm profitability.

We can also work with management to create a balanced system that addressesquantitative and qualitative characteristics of a timekeeper. Our goal is to align your compensation with the strategicvision and culture of the firm.

We help answer questions such as:
  • Does your firm’s current compensation system reward the right behavioral patterns foryour timekeepers?
  • Do you have partners who are unhappy about the compensation system or are looking for moretransparency?
  • If you asked the majority of the partners how they are compensated, would there be a consistent reply?
  • How are you rewarding associates? Are compensation and bonuses in line with expectations?

Alternative Fees and Legal Project Management

Analyze, improve, and share information about your legal matter managementprocess, from matter intake through post-mortems.

Alternative fee arrangements (AFA) have been the impetus for many changes in thelegal profession. But all engagements, alternative or not, have areas in need of improvement. From matter intake through postmortems, the Alternative Fee and Legal Project Management service offers a wide array of options to help you analyze,improve, and share information about your legal matter management process.

Our consultants can survey the needs of firm management, analyze the currentsetup for planning and tracking engagements, and dive into your data so we can develop detailed recommendations to improvestructure and processes. Our team can also train your partners on the nuances of legal matter management.

We help answer questions such as:
  • Alternative fee usage has risen across the globe, but do your partners reallyunderstand various AFA options?
  • From intake to matter conclusion, how are your partners budgeting, monitoring, andadjusting their engagements?
  • What processes are in place to analyze and track key engagement (alternative or not)?
  • Does your firm have a well-established internal task code system that is vetted and used by your partnership?
  • Are you feeling additional pressures from your clients with respect to pricing and transparency?

Operational 360 Assessments

Deploy a seasoned consultant to perform a full operational review of firmoperations during a three-day on-site visit.

How can you improve what you don’t measure? The Operational 360 Assessmentservice deploys a seasoned legal industry consultant to perform a full operational review of firm operations during a three-day on-site visit. The business consultant will use available firm technology, management input, and industry knowledge todevelop a comprehensive review of your firm’s activities, points of excellence, and opportunity areas. The goal is to createa steady stream of action items with accountability and deadlines.

Many firms engage in this practice quarterly and encourage significantinteraction with practice group leaders and executive management.

We help answer questions such as:
  • Do your current reports unearth opportunities for improvement? Does your firm act uponthem?
  • Are there reports that are generated that don’t seem to grab partners' attention?
  • Does your financialteam find itself in a reactive mode more than a proactive one?
  • Do you want to know how your firm can improveoperationally?

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