Wilson Allen were thrilled to be asked by the PSMG to run a CRM Masterclass, and we are happy to make this series available on-demand.

In this series (1-Technology, 2-Processes and 3-People), we focused on how to navigate the CRM technology available, how to generate the insights that firms need to succeed, how to align your CRM with your existing processes, and how to harness the knowledge and connections that your individuals have and share how to institutionalise those connections to support the firm’s marketing and business development goals. All three parts can be watched now below:

Part 1: Technology: How to Master CRM and Engage Your Stakeholders to Want to Use Your System

Part 2: Process: Using CRM Technology and Reporting To Drive Engagement and Deliver Value

Part 3: People: Using CRM to Grow Existing Client Relationships and Build a Better Brand