Firms are constantly looking to grow through lateral integration, small group acquisition, and in recent years larger firm acquisition or equal mergers. The global M&A market has experienced a whirlwind of activity in the recent past and it appears this trend will continue over the next few years.

It is therefore safe to assume a proclivity for market consolidation in the legal industry will continue as well. It was a hot topic at this year’s Marketing Partner Forum – and the discussion wasn’t always pretty. Those who were involved in M&As shared tales from the trenches about how rushed systems integration caused major setbacks for a lengthy period of time. Whether it was a poor strategic setup, data merging, client awareness/combination, or cultural gaps – an inadequately thought out merger process can stunt firm growth.

The way in which firms enter and finalize mergers and acquisitions have long-term ramifications. If a merger or acquisition is on the horizon for your firm, you can make the transition more smoothly by carefully planning each phase of the process. Here is a sampling of things to consider – by no means is this an exhaustive list:

Pre-planning and market assessment

  • Cultural review
  • Conflicts and client assessment
  • Financial and strategic assessment
  • Timing and rollout

Implementation and integration

  • Technical services and data planning
  • Merging of operational processes
  • Client and internal communication
  • Compensation advisement
  • Key performance indicators for merger


  • “One firm forward” assistance
    • Partner assistance
    • Collaboration and relationship management
    • Internal and external updates on progress
    • Re-alignment of rates and other financial needs
  • Ongoing relationships with a trusted advisor

Given our expertise in strategic, technical, and relationship consulting/advisement – and our personal experience with the merger process – Wilson Allen is uniquely positioned to help ease the process for firms. Through a “merger super group” comprised of our business consultants, data experts, and application specialists, we can help meet the needs of the marketplace with a unified approach that focuses on all the phases of a merger or acquisition.

If you’d like to explore this topic in greater detail, contact us today.