In our professional and personal lives, we’ve become so accustomed to technology we barely give a second thought to how much we rely on it. That is, of course, unless our systems stop working, or they’re working slower than we’d like. Then it gets our attention. Beyond the personal aggravation you may feel for this inconvenience, system disruptions or slowdowns in the workplace can take a real toll of overall productivity, especially if it happens regularly.

To run as profitably as possible, the systems that professional services firms rely on to support operations must run at peak performance. Some firms are proactive and establish relationships with service providers that can come to the rescue when things go awry. But just as often, firms are in reactionary mode, which is risky business.

The time to identify your go-to people is when everything is running smoothly, not when your system is down. If you wait, then you’re stuck with whoever is available, not a provider you’ve thoroughly vetted.

This preparedness is not only for identifying technical experts to help with unplanned IT support services. It also includes identifying resources that have broad systems expertise to help ensure your environment runs optimally throughout the life cycle of your entire solution landscape.

Preparing for every contingency

Your firm has most likely put a lot of thought into its planned technology projects. These are methodical, and well-documented projects with dedicated resources, teams, and timelines. But anything can happen when it comes to IT. There’s an unplanned nature to it, which means you need to draw upon people with a skillset that can handle the unexpected.

What types of unplanned problems am I referring to? For example, your system may malfunction and your firm is not able to do the work it wants. Or, you need to restore your system after it has been compromised due to a security intrusion. Or, perhaps you need to get your systems up and running after a planned system restart, but the system won’t come back online.

Resolving these types of problems requires broad knowledge across software and systems. But it also requires deep application, infrastructure, and programming knowledge. Firms often have people available with specific domain expertise, but few have those with direct experience across applications in addition to in-depth technical knowledge. They may be able to troubleshoot a particular technical problem, but they might have little to no understanding of the specific applications in your solution landscape. Your firm needs to identify resources with broad and deep expertise.

When small things are not so little after all

Keeping IT systems running is one of those behind-the-scenes tasks that often go unnoticed. Sure, resolving a catastrophic system failure will attract attention. But the small victories have a significant impact as well.

For example, say your system has slowed down, and people are unable to do their work. Finding a reason for this slowness and rectifying it could be a small project or even a quick fix, but sometimes it takes a lot of research and troubleshooting and monitoring. But once fixed, it has a huge impact. Identify a go-to provider that has the knowledge to do this work quickly and correctly – and do it proactively. You’ll be glad you did.

How we help firms succeed

Wilson Allen has a broad range of talent with a diverse experience base across our various consulting services teams. Where other consulting companies have vertical expertise – ours is vertical and horizontal. What makes us so effective is that we pool our knowledge to facilitate whatever work we’re doing for our clients.

The systems and infrastructure services team has worked with firms on many infrastructure-related projects. As such, we have the experience that allows us to supplement the success of all the other professional and technical consulting services Wilson Allen offers. Our role is to help firms get past any technical obstacles that may hinder a technology project.

In addition to serving as a resource to our counterparts for various projects, our team has relationships with clients that engage us every month for support. This arrangement gives the firm’s IT team peace of mind to know that they have a relationship with a trusted provider that has the resources, knowledge, and experience to help them succeed.

If you’d like to learn more about how Wilson Allen can support your firm with it systems and infrastructure services practice, please download our info sheet and contact us.