Panelists Share Firsthand Experiences with Wilson Proforma Tracker


Wilson Allen hosted a digital billing transformation panel session, with representatives from two UK client firms.

Our panelists provided insight into critical aspects of many phases of the paper-to-paperless proforma transformation.

Our panelists were John Tickle, from Mills & Reeve and Nick Hodgson, Bevan Brittan. Along with Suki Sahansara (VP, Client Success at Wilson Allen) and Shishir Shetty (COO, and Product Evangelist for Wilson Proforma Tracker). They covered the following topics:

  • Benefits of digitally transforming pre-billing processes – in the office and on mobile devices
  • Tips for increasing user adoption, even among reluctant users
  • Ways to simplify group billing processes, enforce compliance with write-down rules, and maximize profitability for fixed-fee arrangements
  • Best practices for solution design, training, and rollout
  • Informing pricing and planning decisions through greater visibility into invoicing, collections, and costing processes
  • How the Wilson Proforma Tracker user group members support each other


John Tickle
Mills & Reeve
Finance Operation Manager

Mills & Reeve replaced a custom built, in-house solution with Wilson Proforma Tracker at the same time they rolled out Thomson Reuters Elite 3E for their practice management system. John will share how they were looking to improve visibility, workflow, automation, and accuracy in their billing processes and how Wilson Proforma Tracker answered those needs. Due to the product’s functionality and the accessible interface, the firm has seen great adoption by attorneys as well.

Nick Hodgson
Bevan Brittan
Finance Director

Bevan Brittan had been on the same practice management system for several years. The firm rolled out a general initiative to improve efficiency and productivity. At the same time, Nick wanted to streamline the firm’s billing processes and increase invoice accuracy, and he found Wilson Proforma Tracker to be the best solution. Find out why he believes Wilson’s technical knowledge set Bevan Brittan up for success.

Shishir Shetty
Wilson Allen
Chief Operating Officer

As the principal architect of Wilson Proforma Tracker, Shishir will share his product expertise and serve as product evangelist during the discussion.

Suki Sahansara
Wilson Allen
VP, Customer Success

Suki worked with both firms on the panel and oversees the Wilson Proforma Tracker User Group. She will be moderating the panel.