• New network association brings together a unique mix of independent Intapp consultants and specialists

  • Consulting services vendors joined by Stickleback Technologies and Inflection IT

  • Law firms and professional services firms to benefit from access to domain experts and complementary expertise

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. and BURLINGTON, Vt. (March 5, 2019) – Wilson Allen (the new name of Wilson Legal Solutions effective April 2019) and Aurora North Software, two expert providers of Intapp software implementation and consulting services, today announced the launch of the Professional Services Partner Alliance (PSPA) (www.pspalliance.com). PSPA aims to more effectively connect law firms, accounting firms, and capital markets firms with the best technology consultants and subject-matter experts for Intapp-related project work. Through PSPA, firms can achieve even greater returns on their investment in Intapp cloud and on-premises applications. Intapp provides a professional services platform delivering value to both firm partners and leaders and business services teams to win more business, operate more efficiently, manage risk and deliver overall client success.

PSPA founders and chairing members Aurora North and Wilson Allen, full-service providers and Intapp Certified Implementation Partners with experience spanning the entire Intapp solution portfolio, are joined by other Intapp specialist consulting partners including Stickleback Technologies and Inflection IT. Firms will be able to engage multiple PSPA members simultaneously via an integrated project management team, ideal for complex projects requiring a range of business, technical and subject matter expertise, as well as on-site support across multiple locations in the US and internationally.

“The timing of this new alliance couldn’t be better. The momentum behind the Intapp platform continues to snowball, with firms looking to implement new solutions, upgrade existing software, and take advantage of the significant new benefits migrating to Intapp in the cloud offers,” said Norm Mullock, vice president of strategy, Wilson Allen. “There is a tremendous opportunity for the entire ecosystem to grow and evolve in a way that’s a clear ‘win-win’ for clients and partners alike.”

With membership open to qualified service organizations, PSPA will foster greater collaboration among the Intapp partner ecosystem, including enabling joint project work and encouraging peer referrals when in the best interest of clients.

“We looked to professional networks and membership organizations developed by law firms and accounting firms as a model for this alliance. It’s all about matching the best expertise to serve specific client needs — much like our customers do for their own clients — with their success in mind,” said Brian Lynch, director, Aurora North Software. “As firms adopt the Intapp platform to address an increasingly diverse set of business and operational challenges, it has become clear that they could benefit from closer collaboration among consulting providers. We’re making it simple to take advantage of ‘best-in-class,’ integrated consulting partners to more effectively navigate complex project challenges.”

Broad experience, specialized skill

Collectively, PSPA members offer expertise spanning the entire Intapp application portfolio and extensive knowledge in several unique domains, including:

  • Specialist expertise in applying Intapp solutions to IP prosecution and complex business process and information management workflows
  • In-depth experience involving practice management systems like Elite 3E and Elite Enterprise, Aderant, and LexisOne as well as areas including CRM, business intelligence, and pricing
  • Extensive skill in Intapp Walls implementations, upgrades, migrations, mergers, and best practices consulting and training
  • Substantial focus in business process management (BPM) and migration from legacy applications including Metastorm and LegalKEY

“As multiple industries continue to adopt our professional services platform, we are pleased to see this collaboration among members of our partner community,” said Don Coleman, chief operating officer, Intapp. “Aurora North Software and Wilson Allen are two of our premier certified implementation partners. We believe that this alliance can accelerate success for our mutual clients.”


Inflection IT
“Our team of specialists focuses on scoping and executing projects efficiently, so clients achieve the greatest return on their investments in Intapp information security, business intake, workflow and integration products,” said Steve Surrette, president, Inflection IT. “Intapp has achieved a special place in the professional services technology landscape, and this unique collaborative initiative is just the latest example of how a clients-first philosophy and extensive partner support creates new opportunities for shared collaboration, success and growth.”

Stickleback Technologies
“Over the last 20 plus years, the Stickleback team has helped to drive the evolution and adoption of workflow and BPM platforms, specifically within the legal and financial services markets in the UK and Europe. More recently, new solutions have presented new opportunities for customers and consultants, as Intapp has emerged as the new standard for professional services firms,” said Jon Summers, director of business development, Stickleback Technologies. “We’re excited to join PSPA as a founding member and look forward to working collaboratively with our industry partners to provide clients with a broad set of skilled resources to gain maximum benefit from their investment in the Intapp solutions portfolio.”


About The Professional Services Partner Alliance (PSPA)
The Professional Services Partner Alliance works to connect professional services firms with the best technology and subject- matter experts for their specific Intapp project needs. Intapp customers looking to connect with the right partner and qualified Intapp-certified services organizations interested in joining PSPA can learn more at www.pspalliance.com.

About Aurora North Software
Aurora North Software supports the law firm Intellectual Property prosecution teams that protect the most valuable ideas on Earth. The software and services consultancy also provides tailored solutions to enhance legal operations, increase efficiency and reduce risk, and is the premier implementation partner for Intapp products. Over the past fifteen years, Aurora North has successfully completed projects for law firms and law departments in the US, UK and Australia. To learn more, visit www.auroranorth.com.

About Wilson Allen
Beginning in April 2019, Wilson Legal Solutions will be going to market under the brand name “Wilson Allen” following our completed merger with Stanton Allen. Wilson Allen offers law firms and professional services organizations an unprecedented range of software, strategic consulting, and implementation services to strengthen business performance. Our focus is on empowering firms to enhance client life cycle management by using data and software more effectively — from business development and client acquisition to service delivery and operations, to billing and collections. We’ve worked successfully with over 700 organizations globally, enabling them to gain greater insight from their existing data and execute more effectively based on those insights. For more information: www.wilsonallen.com.

About Inflection IT
An Intapp specialist, Inflection IT focuses on making Intapp implementations easy and surprise free. And we bring substantial expertise to this mission — the Inflection IT team includes several former Intapp product managers who designed and built the very technologies we now support. We offer innovative approaches to servicing our clients business and technology needs. On the technology side, these include automation tools we’ve built to speed implementation and testing phases. And on the business side, we offer fixed-fee engagement options. For more information: www.inflectionIT.com.

About Stickleback Technologies
Stickleback Technologies is owned and staffed by founders, and previous long term employees, of Metastorm. Starting in 1996, we were part of the first vanguard of Business Process Management (BPM) and helped early adopters obtain significant competitive advantage from BPM investments. Over the years we have been pleased to work with blue chip companies across all verticals, and in particular within Legal, Professional Services and Manufacturing. During this time we have seen the evolution of BPM from basic workflow solutions all the way through to Smart Process Applications and Process Suites. For more information: www.sticklebacktechnologies.com.