NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa., (April 2, 2019) – Wilson Legal Solutions and Stanton Allen Ltd., which merged in 2018, have begun operating as Wilson Allen, effective April 1, 2019. The name Wilson Allen was chosen to better reflect the melding of the two organizations, their growing non-legal customer base, and their commitment to clients across industries. To learn more about the decision to rebrand and where we believe the industry is heading, please read this news release: Wilson Legal Solutions and Stanton Allen to Rebrand as Wilson Allen.

Wondering how the rebrand could impact current projects, points of contact, and more? Review these FAQs.


When will you become Wilson Allen?

We began doing business as Wilson Allen effective April 1, 2019 but started to use the name in some cases such as news releases and event planning prior to this date.

Is Wilson Allen the new legal name for the company?

No. We are keeping the legal name. However, Stanton Allen will formally close at some point after 1st April which is the end of its financial year. The process for migrating Stanton Allen contracts across to Wilson is already underway.

Where can I find information that used to be at the Stanton Allen website?

Please see About Us, Consulting Services, and Specialized Expertise. The CRM Solutions page contains information about what were formerly Stanton Allen offerings.

Should it be spelled Wilson Allen or WilsonAllen?

It is to be spelled as two separate words: Wilson Allen.

How does the merger help Wilson Legal Solutions and Stanton Allen?

Stanton Allen has expanded its CRM practice in the US and Wilson Legal Solutions has expanded its presence in the CRM space, while more than doubling its staff and activities in the UK.

How does the merger help Wilson Allen’s client base?

Firms can now rely on our trusted advisors and offerings to manage the full life cycle of client engagement more effectively, enabling them to strengthen relationships and run more profitably.

Leadership and Points of Contact

Any changes in Bruce Wilson’s or Michael Warren’s roles?

Bruce continues to be the CEO/President, and Michael heads marketing and the company’s CRM practice.

How is the new management team structured?

Wilson Allen is being led by Bruce Wilson as CEO and by a team of vice presidents consisting of Michael Warren, Norm Mullock, Shishir Shetty, and Greg Murphy.

How should customers expect to interact with sales? How is that organization structured?

Wilson Allen is developing a new organizational structure which includes sales, account management, and customer success as core pieces of how we work with our clients. This is an ongoing initiative that will continue to evolve through most of 2019.

Will e-mail addresses be changing?

All employee e-mail addresses have been migrated to

How have Wilson Legal Solutions’ and Stanton Allen’s websites and social media accounts changed?

The websites and social media accounts for Wilson Legal Solutions and Stanton Allen have been consolidated to the following:

Contracts, Billing Procedures, and Administration

Does the rebrand affect client contracts, NDAs, W9 forms, and the like?

There is no change to Wilson Legal Solutions clients, but Stanton Allen clients are being migrated over to new contracts through April 2019.

How are billing practices changing?

Invoicing has been consolidated using a core practice management system for all billing processes.

To whom should we send invoice and vendor payments?

Please follow the remittance information as indicated on your invoice. Wilson Legal Solutions continues to be the legal name.

Will Wilson Allen be working to reconcile rates and pricing across businesses?

Rates and pricing have been consolidated across the two businesses.

Current Projects, Offerings, and Events

How does the rebrand impact my current projects?

All the resources working on Stanton Allen and Wilson Legal Solutions projects will continue to work on them.

How does the rebrand affect the current Wilson Legal Solutions or Stanton Allen products?

It gives us better global coverage and scale on existing product support and implementations.

Will there be a Knowledge Summit? Will it change in scope or focus?

Knowledge Summit ’19 will take place Oct 15-18 in Laguna Beach and will include sessions across all business lines, including CRM. Look for more information at our website and social media pages.

Do you have additional questions we haven’t answered here? Please contact us.