Integration to further streamline billing processes and enable firms to issue compliant invoices more quickly

CULVER CITY, Ca. and NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. (October 9, 2019) –eBillingHub®, the pioneer and leading electronic billing solution from Thomson Reuters designed specifically for law firms, has today announced a new Affiliate partnership agreement with Wilson Allen, provider of consulting services and software that enable professional services firms to enhance business performance.

The partnership enables seamless integration of Wilson Proforma Tracker software with eBillingHub to further streamline the billing process so firms can more quickly issue compliant invoices.  More specifically, firms will now be able to validate proposed bill updates and edits against client guidelines in real time, avoiding invoice rejections and payment delays.

“Billing delays and invoice rejections have a negative impact on a firm’s financial health,” said Shishir Shetty, VP, technology services for Wilson Allen. “By integrating eBillingHub and Wilson Proforma Tracker, we’ll enable firms to not only minimize delays in bill production but also help them distribute invoices that adhere to client billing requirements to improve the entire work-to-cash lifecycle.”

Wilson Proforma Tracker allows firms to prepare, distribute, collect, and validate proformas more effectively. The software already integrates with billing rules in 3E®, the flagship enterprise business management solution from Thomson Reuters Elite. With this new partnership, Thomson Reuters and Wilson Allen can now offer customers a centralized view of the broader billing life cycle. Firms will be able to submit verified e-bills through Wilson Proforma Tracker as well as monitor the corresponding client approval processes.

“Part of our incentive for pursuing this agreement is to deliver practical innovation that addresses the real-world challenges firms are facing,” added Alicia Kropelnicki, eBillingHub’s manager of global strategic alliances. “Many firms are mandating invoice delivery through e-billing systems, so effective compliance is a critical concern for a broad segment of the market. This partnership enables us to offer seamless functionality to our mutual clients and the ability to derive additional value from existing software investments.”

Trevor Varnes, CFO of Perkins Coie LLP, an international law firm that has adopted eBillingHub and recently licensed Wilson Proforma Tracker, welcomes this new integration. “Currently 30 to 40% of our revenue is invoiced through e-billing systems,” he said. “Being able to validate invoices earlier in the process as part of proforma review will result in significant gains – not only in process efficiency but also in client satisfaction with the quality of bills and turnaround time.”

The integration between the products was made possible by the recently launched eBillingHub API Platform. Debuting in June 2019, the API Platform is an open set of tools that allows firms to coordinate, collaborate, and combine eBillingHub with other software platforms that firms deem valuable. More specifically, firms are now able to integrate eBillingHub workflows into other systems to automate processes, eliminate the need for multiple systems, and reduce the chance of errors.

eBillingHub, part of the Thomson Reuters family of innovative solutions for professional services firms, provides a comprehensive and collaborative approach for preparing, submitting, tracking, and managing electronic invoices. eBillingHub delivers solutions to hundreds of clients, including more than 75% of the Am Law 200 firms and law firms of all sizes in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, helping them to reduce errors in the electronic billing process. eBillingHub is a strong supporter of key industry standards as a member of the LEDES Oversight Committee and ILTA. For more information, visit eBillingHub.

About Wilson Allen

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