Project Summary

Firm Name: Mills & Reeve LLP
Services:Leading UK law firm providing comprehensive legal advice to businesses and individuals


  • Replace custom-built legacy online billing application
  • Ensure compatibility with Thomson Reuters Elite 3E
  • Improve invoice accuracy and speed turnaround time
  • Collaborate on proformas using an integrated and intuitive workflow


  • Implement Wilson Proforma Tracker to process proformas with greater speed and accuracy
  • Configure roles, events, and workflow stages to enable increased front-office participation
  • More easily manage the distributed billing process and lower costs
  • Better monitor billing timing, efficiency, and compliance with write-down rules

Why Wilson?

  • Wilson Proforma Tracker provides visibility into the entire billing process
  • Ability to decentralize and automate the routing of proformas
  • Better management of finance department’s workload
  • Ability to prepare proformas more efficiently to get bills out more quickly and more accurately to reduce rejections
  • Presetting permissions and caps for processing discounts and write-offs
  • Ease of use and workflow functionality to increase user adoption
  • Better tracking of fee earners’ edits and submissions
  • Analytics into the usage and patterns of proformas processed to identify bottlenecks and impact arrangements chosen for billing
  • Knowledge and flexibility of the team at Wilson Allen

Next Steps

  • Ongoing roadmap developments to Wilson Proforma Tracker, including the addition of trust accounting application and automated billing
  • Implementation of Wilson Proforma Tracker following an agile implementation methodology, including the development of firm-specific customizations
  • Rollout of Wilson Proforma Tracker to firmwide users aligned with the firm’s Elite 3E go-live


Mills & Reeve is a leading UK law firm that provides comprehensive legal advice to businesses and individuals. The firm employs nearly 1,000 staff, including over 499 lawyers and 117 partners in six offices in Birmingham, Cambridge, Leeds, London, Manchester and Norwich.

Like most businesses today, Mills & Reeve is actively managing its technology infrastructure to stay current with the latest trends and to realize the benefits enabled by ongoing innovation. The firm runs Firmware as its financial and accounting system and is preparing to make the transition to the Thomson Reuters Elite 3E system. As part of the transition planning process, Mills & Reeve needed to identify an alternative to a custom application it had built in-house to manage its online billing processes. The application is not compatible with 3E and rather than rebuild it, the firm decided to explore if an existing software solution could replace it.

Selection Process

Iain Cushion, IT director at Mills & Reeve, as well as other members of the firm met with a team from Wilson Allen to discuss Wilson Allen’s certified 3E implementation services and the Wilson Proforma Tracker application. After participating in several demos of Wilson Proforma Tracker, it became clear that the software met the firm’s requirements to replace its custom-built application.t” Cushion says. “After an intensive review, it became clear that Wilson Proforma Tracker has the best functionality and interface for our purposes. We’re also keen about what’s on the horizon in the software’s roadmap.”

Besides the software’s functionality and ease of use, Mills & Reeve appreciated its interactions with representatives from Wilson Allen. “We really liked the way the team at Wilson worked with us during our selection process,” Cushion explains. “The team is very knowledgeable from a technical perspective and from a functional one as well. Plus, they’re very open to our questions and suggestions. But the software is what really wowed us. It looks just fantastic and is so easily adopted. People in our billing department and their fee earners commented that they wish they were already using it.”

The Wilson Proforma Tracker implementation is planned to be ready to roll out to firmwide users aligned with Mills & Reeve’s 3E go-live.

To learn more about Wilson Proforma Tracker, visit our software page or contact us.