With the marketplace for legal services becoming increasingly competitive, the need for a data-backed business strategy is urgent. In this three-part webinar series, Wilson Allen’s business and analytics experts will demonstrate how finance, IT, and marketing professionals can apply advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to make better business decisions across the complete client engagement life cycle.

Webinar 1: Wednesday, July 8 at 12 PM ET

Practical Uses of AI to Mine Firm Data for Finance and Legal Marketing

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Who should attend? Finance and marketing professionals

Presenters: Greg Murphy, VP, Products and Bo Yancey, Director, Strategy

Law firms are moving away from rigid data warehouses in favor of nimbler data models that allow for easier access and a broader view of data. In this session, Greg Murphy and Bo Yancey will demonstrate how finance teams and legal marketers can perform self-service analytics to strengthen client relationships and drive revenue.

Murphy will show how firms can use Microsoft Power Query to discover, connect, combine, and refine data sources and then visualize the resulting data mashups in Excel and Power BI to meet self-service analysis needs. This is a no code solution that savvy users can do on their own using readily available tools and data.

He’ll showcase sentiment analysis capabilities Wilson Allen has developed into pre-built templates using Net Promoter Score data to correlate quantitative feedback scores with qualitative feedback, the strengths of a business relationship, and lawyer behavior. The resulting data mashups combine sentiment with traditional performance metrics to help firms identify areas for improvement.

Webinar 2: Thursday, July 16 at 12 PM ET

Pandemic-Specific Revenue Projections: New Models for Greater Accuracy

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Who should attend: Finance professionals

Presenters: Greg Murphy, VP, Products and Bo Yancey, Director, Strategy

Lessons from the 2008 recession can inform what might happen as a result of the global pandemic – this time with a much better degree of confidence than anything that was available then.

In this webinar, Greg Murphy and Bo Yancey will demonstrate how prior benchmarks—such as the performance around collections – can be used to make more accurate assessments of business projections for 2020 and beyond. We’ll walk through the approach, tools, and output that can lend finance and management a greater degree of confidence in what revenue and profit will be.

With an emphasis on machine learning and data science, the session will show how firms can apply artificial intelligence to analytics to enhance decisions.

Webinar 3: Thursday, July 29 at 12 PM ET

Unlocking Insight with Azure AI and Cognitive Services

Who should attend: IT professionals

Presenters: Greg Murphy, VP, Products and Norm Mullock, VP, Strategy

Law firms worldwide are looking to make better use of technology to enhance business performance. By applying AI and machine learning, firms can find unprecedented levels of insight to make better business decisions across the complete client engagement life cycle.

In this session, Greg Murphy and Norm Mullock will offer a more detailed look at AI and machine learning models that firms can use to make better business decisions. He’ll show how AI container support for Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services enables firms to perform detailed machine learning analysis on previously siloed and unstructured data. The result is live, integrated databases that can be visualized in Microsoft Power BI, providing valuable insight firms can use to enhance business relationships and increase process efficiency.

Murphy will explain several tools within the Cognitive Services family including a Form Recognizer that processes documents such as PDFs from unstructured data into structured databases that are ready for analysis. He’ll also explain the Text Analytics service that can be used to uncover insights such as sentiment, entities, and key phrases in unstructured text. Firms can then analyze digitized documents and visualize the results in Power BI dashboards to better understand client feedback or identify common topics in timecard narratives, lawyers’ notes, or client onboarding documents.

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