Join us for Part 3 in this series of quick webinars on key aspects of BILLING AUTOMATION – improving efficiency, increasing visibility, ensuring compliance & accuracy, driving results.

In this webinar we will focus on COMPLIANCE + COMPLETENESS.

Are your invoices ever rejected by your client because they are not compliant with their guidelines? Or is payment of your invoice delayed as a result of inaccuracies? What if you had an automated solution that ensures compliance and completeness? Imagine that!

In this session, we will demonstrate how easy it is with Billstream to ensure sure your bills are compliant and complete.  And the flow-on goodness?  Bills get paid faster, cashflow improves, and you deliver a superior and more accurate service to your clients.

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Accurate Bills Get Paid Faster!

Date: Wednesday, May 25

Time: 9:00 AM PDT | 12:00 PM EDT | 5:00 PM BST

Duration: 30 Minutes