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5 Scenarios that Illustrate Why You Should Keep Non-Production Environments In Sync

When tasked with troubleshooting performance issues, having a non-production platform available and in sync with your production environment is essential. Here's why.

2021-03-03T14:25:07+00:00Mar 3 2021|Blog, Consulting Services, Services|

Why Your Firm Should Up Its Master Data Management Game

Inconsistency in how your firm handles data not only impacts reporting and causes frustration for data consumers, it can hinder strategic decisions, leading your firm down the wrong path. Russ Haskin offers these suggestions to straighten the course.

2021-02-19T15:16:58+00:00Feb 18 2021|Advisory Services, Blog, Resources, Services|

Upskilling to Get Ahead: Using Technology Adoption to Achieve Competitive Advantage

There is every incentive for firms to drive user adoption of technology as it will increase the percentage of time billed by attorneys and increase profitability. Need more reasons? Read this post by Sue Pasfield.

2021-02-04T14:26:04+00:00Feb 4 2021|Blog, Resources, Services, Training|

Three Growing Trends Legal Marketers Need to Prepare for in 2021

Now that firms are beginning to scale back their pandemic-related austerity measures, some emerging trends in legal marketing are beginning to reveal themselves. Jason Kennedy explains what they are and how you can prepare.

2021-01-28T20:23:59+00:00Jan 25 2021|Blog, CRM Solutions, Services|

Why Security Awareness Training Should Be On Every Firm’s Holiday Shopping List

As holiday season approaches, your employees could inadvertently expose your firm, its clients, and themselves to cybercrime. Here's what you can do to minimize the risk.

2020-11-23T15:42:50+00:00Nov 23 2020|Blog, Services|

Want to Derive Greater Value from Technology? Take A Goal-Based Approach to Training

How can your firm derive greater value from its investments in technology? By enhancing its approach to change management and taking a goal-based approach to training. Here are some suggestions for accomplishing this objective at your firm.

Evolving Law Firm Risk: Inside the Minds of Clients and Firm Management

What do law firm management and client leaders consider to be the most effective conflicts and risk policies, practices, and priorities? Read this blog post for the answers.

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