Project Summary

Name: BakerHostetler LLP
Headquarters: Cleveland, Ohio
Services: Five core practice groups including business, employment, intellectual property, litigation, and tax
Lawyers: More than 900 lawyers in 14 markets

Business Situation

  • Standardize more than 25 points of inbound integration using Intapp Integrate as part of the firm’s migration from Elite Enterprise to 3E software
  • Create custom interfaces to support the firm’s new business intake (NBI) processes

Technical Situation

  • Develop integration points for inbound interfaces in 3E
  • Design a front-end, configurable process to manage exception routing and error reporting
  • Build inbound and outbound integration points between the firm’s NBI system and 3E

Why Wilson Allen

  • Expertise using the Intapp Integrate product
  • Long-standing partnership with the firm and Thomson Reuters Elite
  • High degree of confidence in the team’s technical strength
  • Reliability and agility
  • In-depth understanding of Elite Enterprise and 3E databases

Project Overview

  • Participate in early planning sessions and clearly identify points of integration
  • Create a formal project plan that includes an individual listing of each interface so they could be assigned respectively
  • Utilize firm’s existing Intapp Integrate servers to connect and manage integration points and provide custom development services
  • Provide ongoing support as business needs evolve


  • Seamless integration with 3E to quickly transfer data from third-party systems to 3E and use centralized data for greater information accuracy
  • Greater ease in managing integration points with Intapp Integrate, helping the IT staff focus on more strategic projects
  • Use of one solution and platform to manage inbound integrations to help reduce complexity and minimize ongoing maintenance costs

Key Quote

“Wilson Allen has been a true partner. We can run ideas by them, and they provide solutions or options to consider. They can explain why something would or would not work and offer alternative solutions. We feel that they have skin in the game.”
Gunter Opaluch, Special Project Manager, BakerHostetler LLP

Project in Detail

Founded in 1916 on core principles that value relationships, quality, and community, BakerHostetler has grown to become one of the nation’s largest law firms. The firm employs more than 900 lawyers who provide strategic counsel and legal guidance to clients around the globe and are distinguished by a commitment to the highest standard of client care.

To deliver on its commitment to excellence, BakerHostetler invests in the continuous development of its people and the resources essential to delivering effective and distinctive legal services. This focus extends to the firm’s practice management software, as demonstrated by its recent migration from Elite Enterprise to 3E software. As a result, all of the firm’s points of integration with external software applications needed to be rebuilt for the 3E environment.

Building interfaces into and out of 3E

BakerHostetler implemented Elite Enterprise in 2004 and built many custom interfaces between the solution and other software applications over time. The firm managed these interfaces by using disparate solutions but wanted to consolidate both inbound and outbound interfaces using Intapp Integrate after it went live with 3E.

It was decided that BakerHostetler’s internal resources would build the outbound interfaces, which enable the flow of information from 3E to other systems. But to create inbound integrations and pursue custom development, BakerHostetler looked to Wilson Allen.

Why Wilson Allen?

Gunter Opaluch, special project manager at BakerHostetler, explains, “We had made the decision early on to use Intapp Integrate for inbound integrations and looked to Wilson for its expertise in this area. We knew we could rely on their knowledge and expertise with both Intapp Integrate and the Elite databases.”

BakerHostetler has a long-standing technology partnership with Wilson Allen. “We wanted to work with a reliable vendor that is agile and resourceful,” Opaluch adds. “We could have found smaller vendors to do some of the work, but then we would have been limited by how many resources they have available and whether their resources have the same level of expertise as their core team. With Wilson, that wasn’t a concern.”

Collaborating to achieve success

BakerHostetler’s implementation of 3E brought together various service providers that collaborated on the overall scope of the project. Wilson Allen appointed a project manager and five members of the company’s professional and technology services team to support the initiative throughout BakerHostetler’s two-year 3E implementation.

“Wilson was involved in the original planning sessions,” Opaluch says. “We were able to clearly identify the new points of integration with 3E. We then created a formal project plan and itemized each of the interfaces so they could be assigned respectively.”

The scope of the work completed by Wilson Allen included building more than 25 interfaces from disparate software systems into 3E. It also included integrating BakerHostetler’s custom new business intake (NBI) system with 3E. “If we wanted to perform a matter or a client lookup in the new business intake system, we needed to be able to view it from 3E. Here again, we relied on Wilson and their expertise in understanding the Elite 3E database to supply that view,” Opaluch adds. “We also needed to be able to update clients and matters in 3E whenever that information became available in our NBI system. Wilson did that integration work as well.”

Seamless interfaces and an ongoing partnership

When BakerHostetler went live with 3E, its new interfaces worked seamlessly. “We were very satisfied with the interface work Wilson completed,” Opaluch says. “There was no disruption to our daily business processes. The interfaces are seamless and require no ongoing maintenance, which is the best outcome.”

The firm has been live with 3E for more than a year and has added new functionality, which Wilson Allen is supporting as requested. “Wilson Allen has been a true partner. We can run ideas by them, and they provide solutions or options to consider. They can explain why something would or would not work and offer alternative solutions. We feel that they have skin in the game,” Opaluch concludes.

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