Integration of multiple departmental systems to harness business intelligence to connect the dots across the firm

Project Summary

  • Name: Trowers and Hamlins LLP
  • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
  • Lawyers: 400
  • Website:
  • Services: General practice international law firm with offices throughout the UK, Middle East, and Far East

Business Situation

  • Enhance excellence of service delivery and understand clients’ business issues and objectives
  • Implement a client relationship management program that would go beyond standard marketing effectiveness and business development tracking
  • Deliver a tool that partners and fee earners could use as part of their day-to-day work

Services Provided

  • Data audit
  • Activity reports
  • Data integration

Why Wilson Allen?

  • Understanding of firm’s business practices and how it operates
  • Status as a leading advisor in the sector
  • Good fit for the firm

Project Overview

  • Define objectives and select the system to achieve them
  • Harness client intelligence from the CRM platform and multiple other systems
  • Devise an integration strategy that would revolve around a firm-wide understanding of information management
  • Implement a data warehouse using a combination of Intapp Integrate and custom integration routines to collate, aggregate, and report on data from multiple systems


  • Seamless integration with 3E to quickly transfer data from third-party systems to 3E and use centralized data for greater information accuracy
  • Greater ease in managing integration points with Intapp Integrate, helping the IT staff focus on more strategic projects
  • Use of one solution and platform to manage inbound integrations to help reduce complexity and minimize ongoing maintenance costs


Founded in 1777, the firm has undergone 20 changes of identity and amalgamations over the years.

Walter Trower (who was knighted in 1915) joined the partnership in 1886, and the name Hamlin originated in a firm called Hamlin & Grammer, which was practicing in 1875. Though the two firms using these names had been in association for many years, it was not until 1987 that they finally integrated to become Trowers & Hamlins. During the last 30 years, the firm has expanded considerably. This top-40 UK law firm has offices around the country and an international reach to the Middle East and Far East. During its long history, the firm has held fast to its values and characteristics – such as service, quality, integrity and innovation. Over 800 dedicated people strive every day to provide the best possible service, legal expertise, and support, building on their firm foundations.

Harnessing client intelligence across multiple systems

Trowers and Hamlins is dedicated to providing clients with service that is second to none. Its extensive experience allows the firm to ensure excellence of service delivery and to understand its clients’ business issues and objectives. As a result, Trowers and Hamlins realized that it was absolutely critical that it implement client relationship management software that went beyond the usual expectations of delivering just marketing effectiveness and business development tracking.

“There was no question in our minds we wanted to deliver a tool that the partners and fee earners would use as part of their day-to-day work,” says Naomi Moss, the firm’s director of marketing and business development. To achieve that, it was important to have advisers who would get under the skin of our business and how we operate. Wilson Allen is one of the leading advisers in the sector and was a good fit for the firm.”

Wilson Allen was engaged to help the firm define its objectives and to identify the system that would help it achieve them. The firm selected InterAction as a market-leading system for law firms but realized that it would need to harness client intelligence from not just the CRM platform. “To manage client relationships, you need to gather information from multiple systems, and that’s often where implementations come unstuck,” adds Nicholas Barrows, the firm’s deputy head of marketing and business development.

Wilson Allen worked with the firm to devise an integration strategy that revolved around a firm-wide understanding of information management. “We implemented a data warehouse and then used a combination of Intapp Integrate and custom integration routines to collate, aggregate, and report on data from multiple systems,” explains lead consultant Barry Puddephatt.

The firm is now a year into the deployment of the system. “It’s not all been plain sailing. One of the main focuses has had to be on training and communication,” explains Moss. “But the joy of working with Wilson Allen is that they just dealt with the complicated technology and processes, which freed us up to work with the firm to coach and encourage our users.”

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