Stu Gooderham is VP, Business Development (Data Sciences) and leads the business development activities for the Data Sciences practice.

Stu joined the company from LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, where he was head of client relations for the UK and US markets. In this role, he worked closely with law firms to support their decision-making process around finance management system selection, as well as to develop requirements for a modern management-information architecture to enable the firm of the future. He founded the LexisOne Future Insights Group, which brought together senior representatives from the Top 100 law firms to gain their perspective on industry needs.

Stu joined LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions in 2008, following the company’s acquisition of Redwood Analytics, where he was sales director for EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions. Prior to that, Stu was a business manager with Tikit, where he worked with law firms on a wide range of solutions, including document management and customer relationship management (CRM). He also worked as business manager with Interchange Group, responsible for selling service management, CRM, and mobile data solutions to companies in a wide range of industries and always focused on providing clients with excellent service.

Stu graduated with honors from the University of East Anglia with a Bachelor of Science degree in business management. He is based from the company’s UK office.