Perkins Coie is an international law firm headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with more than 1,100 lawyers and offices across the United States and Asia. It acts as a trusted advisor to the world’s most innovative companies, providing high-value, strategic solutions, and service on vital matters.

The firm provides a full array of corporate, commercial litigation, intellectual property, and regulatory legal advice to approximately 10,000 clients annually, generating more than $900 million in revenue.

Striving for more efficient billing processes

As part of its billing and collections process, Perkins Coie produces about 20,000 paper- and PDF-based proformas a month. The firm identified a critical need to create efficiencies in these processes and turned to Wilson Allen for a solution.

The firm has relied on Wilson Allen to support several strategic initiatives, including the migration of its CRM system and data to OnePlace and its implementation of 3E. Trevor Varnes, CFO of Perkins Coie, explains. “We were one of the first larger firms to convert to 3E. Wilson Allen was there to help us every step of the way, doing some of the complex customization work and overall project management that we needed.”

Because of its status as a trusted advisor, Varnes looked to Wilson Allen to help it speed the production of timely, accurate, and compliant invoices. “We have the utmost confidence in Wilson Allen’s technical capabilities. But also in their understanding of the business of law and the process improvements you can achieve through technology to enhance client service,” Varnes says.

Reducing the role of paper

Perkins Coie had known for some time that it needed a paperless billing solution. When it implemented 3E, the firm looked at a variety of options including building a solution. That’s when it discovered Wilson Proforma Tracker. To ensure the greatest success with the product, the firm worked closely with Wilson Allen to understand how the software would map to its existing data and transform its billing processes. “The software is built around workflows,” Varnes says. “Diving into that process is what enabled us to feel confident and comfortable with the solution.”

Through this experience, Perkins Coie has been able to identify opportunities for improvement and can see how Wilson Proforma Tracker will help add value to the finance function. “What’s impressive about Wilson Proforma Tracker is its ability to handle everything that we need to do at an enterprise level. It’s not limited. It’s not just for a few bills; it’s not just for small clients or easy clients. It can handle everything,” Varnes adds.

Through Wilson Proforma Tracker, the billing team at Perkins Coie expects greater confidence that it will be able to provide the level of service its attorneys expect. Plus, the software will enhance the billing process for attorneys as well. “Our attorneys are excited about the interface. It has a consumer look and feel so it will be easy for attorneys and their legal assistants to use. It was a home run for us to go with the product,” Varnes says.

Streamlining the billing life cycle

The firm’s initiative to streamline the billing life cycle fits into a broader perspective Perkins Coie has for its finance team and how it can contribute more value to the organization. Varnes championed this effort when he assumed the role of CFO several years ago. In discussions with firm management, Varnes concluded that finance could have a positive impact by working more “shoulder-to-shoulder” with the firm’s partners in terms of delivering client service – from intake and invoicing to collections.

To that end, Varnes has made changes to his staffing model to improve service efficiencies. The implementation of Wilson Proforma Tracker will enable the firm to advance this strategy further. “My goal for the finance team is to help the firm uphold its vision to provide high-value solutions and extraordinary service,” Varnes adds. “It’s exciting for us to accelerate our client-service journey and think Wilson Allen will be a terrific partner in that through Wilson Proforma Tracker. It’s a great team to work with.”

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