Panelists Share Firsthand Experiences with Wilson Proforma Tracker


Wilson Allen hosted a digital billing transformation panel session, with representatives from three client firms. Our panelists provided insight into critical aspects of many phases of the paper-to-paperless proforma transformation.

Panelists included Leslie Butler, manager, business systems and evidence, S-E-A Limited, Ronald Gagne, manager of Billing at Mintz, and Joshua Figurski, deputy practice group manager at Michael Best & Friedrich LLP. The session included moderator Jose Hernandez, director of Wilson Proforma Tracker at Wilson Allen, and Shishir Shetty, COO at Wilson Allen, who provided insight as the product creator.

Our panelists gave their answers to such questions as:

  • Benefits of digitally transforming pre-billing processes – in the office and on mobile devices
  • Tips for increasing user adoption, even among reluctant users
  • Ways to simplify group billing processes, enforce compliance with write-down rules, and maximize profitability for fixed-fee arrangements
  • Best practices for solution design, training, and rollout
  • Informing pricing and planning decisions through greater visibility into invoicing, collections, and costing processes
  • How the Wilson Proforma Tracker user group members support each other


Leslie Butler
Manager, Business Systems & Evidence
S-E-A, Ltd.
S-E-A, Ltd. lays claim to being an early adopter of Wilson Proforma Tracker. Leslie will share her perspective as a long-time user of the software and how it helped digitally transform the firm’s pre-billing processes for personnel across 11 offices, including deploying the software on mobile devices for the firm’s billable staff. Leslie will also talk about her role as a founding member of the Wilson Proforma Tracker user group.


Ronald Gagne
Manager of Billing
Mintz selected Wilson Proforma Tracker to digitize its paper-based proforma processes. Ron will share how the firm achieved one of the fastest rollouts of the software to date, including how he faced the challenges of attorneys reluctant to move away from paper. As is the case for most people in this role, for Ron, it’s all about back-office team efficiency and managing processes better, so he’ll also share his thoughts on ways to maximize group billing efficiency.


Joshua Figurski
Deputy Practice Group Manager
Michael Best & Friedrich LLP
Of the firms represented in the panel, Michael Best has had the most recent Wilson Proforma Tracker rollout, which took place as part of an Elite 3E implementation. Josh took an active role in implementing the software during the solution design, training, and rollout phases. He’ll speak from the perspective of managing law firm practice groups more efficiently across pricing and planning. He’ll focus on invoicing, collections, and costing, emphasizing write-down and fixed-fee billing processes.