Law firms are moving away from rigid, architected data warehouses in favor of nimbler data models that allow for easier access and a broader view of data. In this session, Greg Murphy and Bo Yancey demonstrates how finance teams and legal marketers can perform self-service analytics to strengthen client relationships and drive revenue.

Murphy will shows firms can use Microsoft Power Query to discover, connect, combine, and refine data sources and then visualize the resulting data mashups in Excel and Power BI to meet self-service analysis needs. This is a no-code solution that savvy users can do on their own using readily available tools and data.

He showcases sentiment analysis capabilities Wilson Allen has developed into pre-built templates using Net Promoter Score data to correlate quantitative feedback scores with qualitative feedback, the strengths of a business relationship, and lawyer behavior. The resulting data mashups combine sentiment with traditional performance metrics to help firms identify areas for improvement.