A Wilson Allen and DAC Beachcroft podcast/audio case study.

Recently, leading international law business, DAC Beachcroft, implemented the Thomson Reuters 3E financial management system. Hundreds of law firms have done it before, but very few—if any—have implemented this core legal application from the ground up in a native cloud environment.

In this podcast, Kaye Sycamore, Wilson Allen’s leader of sales and marketing and her colleague, Justin Farmer, EVP of Products and Services, talk with David Aird, CIO, and Chris Teller, Head of Business Solutions at DAC Beachcroft about the project. They tease out some key challenges and discuss how the firm drove the engagement towards its successful on-time and on-budget conclusion.

The decision to implement a critical system in a private tenancy on Microsoft Azure infrastructure was a ground-breaking move for the firm. The podcast examines the firm’s ‘go-to-cloud’ strategy and explores how the three-year project was phased and resourced. It’s a tale about a winning collaboration between legal, business and technology experts who relied on their skills and experience but also had to learn as they went.

The commitment of DAC Beachcroft to ensure the project was documented in detail, particularly the specification of the 3E system in Azure, was a key success measure. In addition, it speaks to the collegiality in the legal realm that they are willing to share this so other firms can gain insights before they embark on their journey to the cloud.