Newtown Square, PA, 3 Feb 2022: Specialist technology consulting firm Wilson Allen has announced a new brand and plan for its Wilson Proforma Tracker billing automation software for legal and professional services firms.

Wilson Allen CEO Bruce Wilson says the brand change from Proforma Tracker to Billstream reflects an accelerated development path for the software, already proven at more than 40 large law firms in the US, Canada and UK.

“This year we are rolling out a new version of the software with major technical advantages such as Cloud availability on Microsoft Azure,” Wilson says. “Plus we’ll be extending the range of supported legal practice management systems, and introducing a raft of new features our customers are asking for.”

“We’re delighted with the strong growth of our billing automation solution, thus far,” Wilson says.  “We’ve been successful in developing a solution that has a very exciting ROI for our customers, reducing billing leakage by 20 percent or more, plus enabling significant time savings for both operations and revenue-producers.  Billstream builds in compliance with client billing requirements, resulting in fewer bill queries and faster settlement. For large firms this can add up to saving of millions of dollars a year in lost time and lost revenue.”

“Also important, the software can be implemented by Wilson Allen in as little as 45 days, integrating smoothly with the major back office legal software systems.”

“While Billstream solves tactical problems of leakage, cumbersome administration, lost revenue-producing time, and sluggish cash flow caused by client bill queries, Billstream is also strategic in its ability to ensure the value creation engine inside the law firm is closely aligned to client needs,” Wilson says.  “As law firms move to value-based billing, Billstream is a strategic enabler in a low friction process that separates managing the cash flow process from delivering the legal services.”

“With automation also comes increased management visibility of the billing process and a granular understanding of decision making,” Wilson adds. “Traditional manual processes are opaque to management. Owners don’t know how many bills are in play and what the value of those bills will likely be. Billstream provides management visibility throughout the billing process.”

“A key point of difference with Billstream is the deep industry knowledge that Wilson Allen brings to the table throughout the product development, implementation and service cycle.  Billstream implementations are highly robust; full training is built in; and customer satisfaction is extremely high,” Bruce Wilson said.

About Wilson Allen

About Wilson Allen 
Wilson Allen offers software and services that enable law firms and professional services organizations to run their businesses better.  Long recognized as a leader in time and billing applications, Wilson Allen has dramatically expanded its breadth of offerings in recent years. Our CRM consultants help firms optimize data and processes to identify, win, and retain high-value clients. Proven professional and technical services teams develop and implement software solutions from prominent industry partners to help firms stay competitive, relevant, and profitable. Innovative business and analytics experts help firms access, analyze, and share data to drive smarter business decisions. Together we break down the silos across software, data, and processes at each stage of the client life cycle to enable a more strategic approach to operations and better business performance.

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