If your firm would like to use CRM more effectively in 2020, please find time to stop by the Wilson Allen booth at LMAEC19 and attend the following session:

STAMP of Approval: Building a Strategic Technology and Marketing Plan with Success in Mind

Breakout C2: 2:00-3:00 PM

When firms implemented CRM technology years ago, a lot of them did so to follow what other firms were doing. However, there has been a huge change in the business development technology landscape with new platforms emerging and “CRM adjacent” technologies to work alongside the main CRM platforms. So how do you pivot from what you were originally intending to do, to now what you’re being asked to do?

In this session, leading legal industry CRM experts, Jennifer Whittier and Michael Warren, will join Alison Janzen, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Torkin Manes and Kim Farwell, Director of Marketing & Communications from Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP to discuss how marketers can build a strategic (and successful) plan for marketing technology, audit what they currently have to establish how well it meets their changing needs, create a business case and win the approval of their lawyers, and maximize the return on investment for CRM.

Broken into easy steps, attendees will leave the session armed with the knowledge they need to conduct a technology assessment and write a strategic plan.


  • Michael Warren, VP CRM Practice – Wilson Allen
  • Alison Janzen, Director of Marketing & Business Development – Torkin Manes LLP
  • Kim Farwell, Director, Marketing & Communications – Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
  • Jennifer M. Whittier, President, Cole Valley Software

Topics to be Covered:

There is a lot of confusion in the market following the many practice management and customer relationship management system changes. In this session, we’ll address:

  • What systems are most prevalent and what are the wider industry trends
  • How to work out what it is you firm wants from its CRM and how to undertake an audit of your existing technology
  • How to tie your technology needs to your wider marketing and business development plan in order to ensure success and get lawyer buy-in
  • What a good CRM project looks like in terms of resourcing, time, and decision making

Key takeaways:

  • How to understand the different technologies in the market
  • How the technologies collaborate or compete
  • How to define what you’re trying to achieve to make sure you choose the right system
  • When you’ve made the choice, how to make sure you succeed

In the Wilson Allen booth

Stop by to see how we can help your firm increase CRM adoption, impact, and ROI. Our CRM Toolkit provides what your firm needs to create a roadmap for your CRM data and technology, realize your vision for today’s expectation, and stay on track what you are asked to do in the future.

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