OnePlace Data Connector for InterAction

For firms that have made the decision to move from InterAction to OnePlace but are concerned about the data migration strategy, Wilson Allen has created a specialized data migration approach and toolkit. This includes the deployment of a number of applications to clean-up the data on InterAction combined with an integration tool. The integration tool harvests data from InterAction based on the agreed data mapping rules and can be configured to run in one-direction mode (InterAction to OnePlace or OnePlace to InterAction) or bi-directional mode.


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Key Elements
  • A tool to automatically migrate contacts, companies, and associated data (folder links, activities, fields and relationships) to OnePlace
  • A control folder in InterAction which determines which contacts need to be migrated and the reason for migration
  • Settings can be configured as one-directional or bi-directional

Benefits logo

  • Takes the risk out of data migration from InterAction to OnePlace
  • The ability to run both systems simultaneously for firms that are planning a phased roll-out

Outputs logo

  • A proven data migration path for firms moving to OnePlace
  • A detailed data mapping document
  • A documented set of rules for which companies and contacts are being migrated