Health Check for InterAction

The Health Check for InterAction is comprised of four modules:

  • Contact Engagement scores the contacts in InterAction based on their relationships and activities.
  • The User Engagement analysis scores users of the firm’s InterAction system on a range of different criteria.
  • Data Quality and Completeness analyses data on a range of data metrics to highlight areas of the database that need attention.
  • Configuration Analysis undertakes a detailed analysis of the configuration so that this can be fine-tuned to better meet your firm’s requirements.

The Health Check is a great way to start an engagement with Wilson Allen so that everyone involved in the project can develop an understanding of the firm’s system and agree on high-priority actions and quick wins.

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Key Elements
  • A tool to take a comprehensive snapshot of how firms are using InterAction
  • A self-contained application which analyses the system

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  • The ability to understand in detail where issues exist
  • Can focus data management effort in terms of quality and housekeeping tasks

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  • A set of detailed reports on configuration, usage, and data quality
  • Supported by our comprehensive set of InterAction workbooks, which we use to perform a deeper dive into the usage of the system
  • A report with recommendations on quick wins and longer-term data management process changes