We are currently looking for candidates in the US/Canada and the UK to fill the role of CRM & Data Specialist.

As a CRM & Data Specialist you will be specifically responsible for working on assisting clients with CRM and data management projects. This will often be on client site offering assistance and advice in relation to the use of CRM systems and data quality.  Your role will also involve providing training to clients on the use of CRM Systems and specifically on the data quality functions of CRM Systems. You will be expected to provide knowledge, data management guidance and training on a range of different CRM systems in the professional services sector including Salesforce, OnePlace, Microsoft Dynamics and InterAction and any other platforms that Stanton Allen might support.

You will also be responsible for providing content for the Stanton Allen Academy, a training and knowledge resource that will be made available to our clients. You will draw on your experience working with clients’ CRM systems to identify not only best practice but also where existing solutions provided by Stanton Allen or know-how could address an issue, but also where new developments might address the issue. You will be required to work with the Stanton Allen data management team to develop best practice solutions for data management and turn these into training materials.

In terms of future development, you will be increasingly involved in the management of the clients for whom you work developing your project management and client facing skills.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Providing clients with data stewarding tasks including data change management and training.
  • Working with the Data Steward team to develop best practice data management training materials for clients.
  • Contributing to the Stanton Allen Academy Knowledge Base and website
  • Candidate will gain exposure to all aspects of the business, whether through the shadowing of senior members of the company or through client-facing projects.
  • Attending and contributing to project scoping, client requirement gathering and project update meetings.
  • You will be trained how to run the Stanton Allen HealthCheck audit of client databases, analyzing results and reporting the results for client use.

Skills Required:

  • CRM Systems knowledge – You should have a good working knowledge of CRM systems in the professional services space. In particular InterAction, Microsoft Dynamics and OnePlace/Salesforce.  Training and support will be provided.
  • Technical skills – Knowledge of MS Word and Excel is essential.
  • Data Knowledge. You should be extremely comfortable with data.  An extensive part of this role is in manipulating data in various tools ready for import to CRM systems.
  • Effective communication – the majority of the role is performed in client-facing environments. You must be a confident speaker and be able to engage and explain concepts and processes to clients.
  • Ability to form relationships quickly – you will be expected to immediately integrate yourself into the client team.
  • Attention to detail – much of the work we do is focused on data so an eye for detail is essential.
  • Flexible – projects are very often carried out on-site at the client offices. This may require you to work at multiple sites during a given week.
  • Motivated and driven – much of your learning will occur on the job so you must be willing to expand your knowledge of the role, the client, the systems and the industry

For more information about this position or to submit your resume for consideration please contact us at careers@wilsonallen.com.